North MorriStudents at Trinity Lutheran School in Morristown perform on violins.stown is a rural community west of Faribault, Minnesota and north of Morristown.  At the heart of this area is  Trinity Lutheran Church and  School. We have a rich and faithful heritage  that continues to bless others today.

Parents have been choosing our school for generations because we believe that children need an education that will serve them their whole lives. Trinity Lutheran School teaches children with tried and true methods.  Our school began as a Christian one room school house in 1862.  We still see great wisdom in the way children were taught then.  By integrating children of different ages and levels at various times through the day, children here receive a unique education that not only teaches the head, but also the heart and the soul.  When children have the opportunity to learn together like this, the older children learn to help and lead the younger children.  The younger children look up to the maturity of the older children.  This doesn’t just teach knowledge, it builds character. This way of educating children also prevents many behavior problems and encourages real and lasting friendships.

Our school offers treasures that many schools have lost. Our students learn Bible, cursive, unrevised American history, classic literature, Science from a Christian world view, art, violin, and German. We do not follow common core. We instead offer a traditional Christian education that nurtures and builds up the faith of each student. 

Children who attend Trinity North Morristown school get hands-on learning, one-on-one with the teacher. We are able to tailor an education that challenges and strengthens each student. This model of education helps ensure that  they thrive and have a joy of learning.

We also offer carefully selected educational field trips. In years past, we have gone to the Science Museum, plays and musicals, the Botanical Gardens, the Zoo, nearby farms, the Morristown Historical Society, and others. We have had artists visit our school and share their work with the children. Each year our students visit a nursing home to sing and play their violins for the residents. This is a great gift to the students as well as those they visit.


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